The mandate and functions of the Agency are executed through the following structures:

1.1 Witness Protection Advisory Board

The Witness Protection Advisory Board was established as an unincorporated body under Section 3P of the Witness Protection Act, 2006 and consists of;

  1. the Cabinet Secretary responsible for matters relating to witness protection as Chairman;
  2. the Cabinet Secretary responsible for matters relating to Justice;
  3. the Cabinet Secretary responsible for matters relating to Finance;
  4. the Director-General, National Intelligence Service;
  5. the Inspector – General of National Police Service ;
  6. the Commissioner General of Prisons;
  7. the Director of Public Prosecutions; and
  8. the Chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

The Director of the Agency is the Secretary of the Advisory Board.

The principal function of the Board is to advise the Agency generally on the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions under the Act and in particular:

  1. Advise on the formulation of witness protection policies in accordance with the current law and international best practices;
  2. Have general oversight on the administration of the Agency;
  3. Approve the budgetary estimates of the Agency; and
  4. Perform any other functions as may be conferred by the Act or any other law

1.2 Management Structure

The powers of the Agency are exercised by the Director and the staff who include deputy directors, managers, protection officers and other officers as the Agency may determine.