1.0 The purpose of the Charter is to:

  1. Set out the mandate and the functions of the Witness Protection Agency [WPA] and its critical role in the Criminal Justice System
  2. To set out the standards within which we perform these functions
  3. To raise public awareness of the mandate of the Agency, how to reach us and how to give us feedback
  4. Detail our commitment to regularly review this Charter in order to improve our performance

The Charter applies to everybody who has contact with the Agency.

1.1 Obligations to our clients

We at the Witness Protection Agency shall be driven by commitment to ensuring provision of quality services through teamwork and partnership. We endeavor to deliver our services in a timely and efficient manner, in an atmosphere that ensures transparency, integrity, accountability and good governance. We respect the principles of professionalism, rule of law and conform to set out international standards.

1.2 Client’s rights and Responsibilities

1.2.1. Client’s Responsibilities

  1. To be courteous and respectful to our staff
  2. To adhere to our rules and regulations at all times
  3. To abide by the legal provisions governing witness protection in Kenya
  4. To respond promptly and effectively to clarifications on the issues raised before admission to the witness protection programme
  5. To respond to requests for information accurately and thoroughly and in a timely manner
  6. To uphold integrity and not to offer inducement by way of gifts and favors to staff in return for services.

1.2.2 Client’s Rights

Our clients have the right to:

  1. Privacy and confidentiality;
  2. Access to services and information on witness protection offered by the Agency.
  3. Lodge a complaint through the laid down procedures;
  4. Review and appeal.

1.3 Complaints Handling

We welcome feedback in form of complaints, compliments and suggestions. We record data on complaints, compliments and suggestions and use this       information to improve our customer service delivery. The complaints handling Officer will:

  1. Refer any enquiry that they cannot answer to an appropriate officer, and, if that officer is unavailable or unable to answer, ensure that the client is contacted as soon as possible;
  2. Ensure that all enquiries where a commitment has been made, are followed up and the client advised on the outcome;
  3. Forward all complaints to the respective officers immediately, and make a follow-up to ensure that they are responded to within and not later than five (5) working days.

Service Charter Matrix

Services Offered




Time Frame




1 Answering telephone calls Phone call Within the first three rings
2 Response to customer complaints/correspondence Written correspondence (letter) Within 5 days upon receipt of correspondence
Email Immediately
3 Receive and process application for witness protection Duly filled Application form A,B or C available at Liaison Office or at WPA website (www.wpa.go.ke) Acknowledgement in writing within 3 days of receipt.
4 Interview and record statements from applicants Suitable interview venue 7 days
5 Detailed threat/risk    assessment on witnesses to determine the most appropriate protection measure 5 days
6 Psychosocial assessment on the witness and related person(s) 5 days
7 Admission and signing of MOU with the witness 3 days
8 Identify, evaluate and procure safe houses for witnesses   and related persons 17 days
9 Relocate witness to place of safety 5 days
10 Armed witness evacuation operations 24 hours
11 Post-trial risk assessment 10 days
12 Discharge agreement 30 days
13 Resettlement and re-integration of witnesses 28 days
14 Pre-qualification of suppliers and tenders – Pre-qualification document
– Tender opening
– Tender evaluation
– After advertisement
– Within 14 days after advertisement
– 30 days after tender opening
15 Payment vouchers for suppliers – Contract copy
– Delivery note
– Invoice
Within 30 days after submission.
16 Receiving of supplied goods – Delivery note
– Invoice
30 minutes upon arrival. Goods delivered between 9-4 pm
17 Payment of goods, services and works – LPO/LSO
– Delivery note/claim
– Invoice
– Award Minutes
– Contract documents
– Receipt and Acceptance
– Minutes
Within 30 days of delivery, acceptance and submission of documents to Finance

1.4 Redress Mechanism

  1. The feedback and complaints handling process is accessible, easy to use and free. A Complaints Management log and a suggestion box are provided at our Liaison Office in Milimani Law Courts fourth floor room 413.
  2. The Complaints Management log is analyzed on daily basis for immediate feedback where applicable. Complaints that require investigation are responded to within five (5) working days of lodging the complaint.
  3. The suggestion box is opened once a week and corrective action taken in response to the complaint (s) and communicated to the client (s) immediately where applicable.
  4. Should a complaint not be addressed to your satisfaction, you are free to seek redress from: The Director, Witness Protection Agency through:

Postal address:

Witness Protection Agency
P.O Box 28801-00100

Electronic mail:



Liaison Office- +254 706 211 203
Hotline + 254-706 211 203, /7121337
Toll Free 0800-720460

1.5 Corporate Social Responsibility

Our engagement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been borne out of the realization we must integrate social and environmental concerns into our business operations in order to remain relevant to not only our employees and their families, but also to our customers thereby creating great public goodwill from Kenyans.
CSR is not merely donations, but it signifies a commitment to behave ethically and to contribute to the economic development of the quality of life of the workforce and their families and of the community around us.
As we embark on our CSR initiatives we integrate the business operations and values whereby the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, partners and the community are reflected in our policies and actions.
In line with our commitment to improve the wellbeing of our staff and their families the Agency established a Staff Welfare which caters for marriage, bereavement and offers loans to staff to cater for their needs.
The CSR programme is anchored on our continuing commitment to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate members of society. As part of its commitment to CSR, the Agency participates in the annual 1st Lady Marathon that seeks to address maternal health in Kenya.
Each year the Agency partners with the Nairobi Greenline Trust in the ‘Greenline Project’ aimed at protecting the Nairobi National Park from pollution, encroachment, human and wildlife conflict. The project involves planting indigenous tree species that enrich the Nairobi National Park eco-system.